Hi dolls and gents welcome to Simpli Nikki, your new favorite lifestyle blog!

This blog came along with a lot of convincing from friends but let me pre-warn you although I am new at this, I love trying out new things and I would never be short of things to share with you.

So let me spill, I love fashion and I am really excited about sharing all that I know about my passion (okay that sounds like a rhyme). Although I do not like to break the bank, I do keep up with all the latest trends in cosmetics, hair, nails, food, vacations and fitness so trust me, you would be getting a share of all these on my blog. 

Now what is that infamous quote “Champagne taste on a Pepsi diet”.  So let’s have fun and I truly hope you enjoy my experiences as well as my thoughts as much as I enjoy sharing with you. 

Peace and Love, Nikki