cuffed nail main photo.jpg

Seriously we are all aware that the weather is cooling down for the most of us, thank you, we get it, we know what that means and most people want a cuddle buddy. Well, some of us are in a really different zone and if anything, all we want to do is cuff our nails!


Yes you heard right, cuffed nails; the new popular nail trend sweeping Instagram and Pinterest has caught my eye and I am so in love with it. Cuffed nails are all about adding color to the cuticle. The minimalist style features a solid base with a slim arc of color around the cuticle. But do not be in a rush to say this look lacks creativity—nail artists everywhere are adding their own spin on the wearable trend.


Interested yet? Take a look below to see what is Simpli Approved! What do you think?