Must Have Lip Colors for Fall 2017

The fall season is all about deep, dark colors all around from clothes to makeup. The first thing to change in people’s collection for fall apart from wardrobe is their makeup collection. This is because they have to move their collection from bright summery colors to darker, almost gothic colors that compliment the fall/winter season perfectly! The most in-demand shades for fall 2017 are:

1. Burgundy lipstick

This is a highly popular shade for almost every fall season. This is, you could say, an iconic fall shade that is going to be available in every makeup enthusiast’s makeup collection. It suits a wide range of skin tones from the palest to the darkest and look gorgeous on all. Wearing this lip color gives a very sultry, edgy look and is quite suitable for fall season.

2. Red with blue undertone

For the spring/summer season an orange-red lipstick is preferred more as it is bright and gives a fresh look. For the fall, however, it is best to go for a blue-toned ref lipstick that will surely cause a few heads to turn in your direction. It compliments every dress color and more importantly, every skin color. This shade is best for celebratory occasions as it is a lot more vibrant while also being deeper than the regular red lipstick that you may reach for on other occasions. 

3. Deep plum

The dark plum lipstick shade gives a very vampy look and especially on lighter skin tones, the effect of this color is a lot more prominent and looks really gorgeous! Moreover, this deep lipstick shades looks beautiful on dark skinned girls as it really compliments their skin tone well and gives a very defined look to their face. This is really a must have in your collection for this fall season. 

4. Dusty pink shade

This is one of the most favorite nude shades that work in every season and are a staple in anyone’s makeup collection, may they be someone totally obsessed with makeup or someone who just prefers to wear makeup on special occasions. This lipstick shade literally works for anyone, regardless of her skin tone. It leans a bit more towards pink on fair skin while giving off a true nude shade on darker skin tones. It is perfect to be worn at work or on day-to-day basis. 

5. Taupe

Sometimes it is not always the mood for darker colors, even though its fall season. A casual day calls for casual nail color, which is going to be perfect for a regular day at work or just a casual day out. Taupe really goes well with the season, even though it is a much lighter shade than the usually anticipated shades that are on trend for fall.