Top 5 Hairstyle Trends for fall 2017

Each season has its unique set of fashion trends that soon capture everyone’s attention and in almost no time at all, you can see that trend being followed everywhere. The same is the case with hairstyle trends. For the summer season long bobs were really on trend and it took people no time to jump on the bandwagon with this trend. However, for this fall season the expectations for hairstyles are a bit different and possibly more edgy.

1. Loose natural curls

This hairstyle is one of the best in terms of management and the actual time spent on achieving it. Compared to sleek straight hair and tight curls, it takes a lot less time and looks just as great, if not better. This hairstyle gives a more natural look overall, but can also be styled a bit for a more formal occasion.

2. Extremely short bobs

Recently, short bobs have been getting a lot of attention generally, and even on the runway no matter what the season. It is predicted that they are going to be making an edgy comeback this fall with a bit of a tweak on the regular long bob style. They are going to have just a bit of a trim at the end so that they look more sleek and different than any run of the mill short bob style.

3. Curly bangs

Curly bangs are going to make a fashion statement this fall and look absolutely stunning. They are a completely different trend than what is usually followed but that is what makes it so unique and a really unexpected trend. This trend has been seen on the runway already and is getting a lot of attention.

4. Swept back

The hairstyle is a very elegant style to wear. It does not need a lot of effort either, especially if you are going to work and need a quick style that looks chic as well. It is a simple hairstyle where the front strand of the hair is twisted backwards and pinned to the back of the head. It looks really elegant and goes with every style of clothing, be it casual or formal. 


5. Double texture hairstyle

Cornrows have been on trend quite recently. However, this fall, there is a special take on the traditional locs. Instead of the typical faux locs, the new style is to leave the hair at the end curly which are known as goddess locs.