Choosing a nail color is extremely hard sometimes. Why? Maybe it is because you have to keep this color for at least 2 weeks or since there are many considerations when choosing the right color such as skin tone, style, color outfits, shape of nails and even occasion. Okay maybe it’s just me but the truth is that I only get gel polish because it last longer on my nails and I have to wash my hands quite frequently.


I know darker colors are recommended but I just cannot get enough of nudes, light and pastel colors and lately, I am getting into the marble print trend (what did you think I was going to say? Marble counter tops? Sorry!)


Well, marbled nails are the latest manicure trend appearing on the fingertips of women around the world. The best part is that the stone-like minimalist print is something you can pull off yourself. I hope you fall in love with the trend as much as I did. Have you tried it before? So what you say? Yay! Or Nay!