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Bonjour como tele vu? Indeed my Paris trip was magical but I regretted not bringing a beau along with me on this adventure. Paris has such a romantic atmosphere, I mean you literally cannot go anywhere without seeing couples holding hands, kissing in public and all sorts.

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The food was amazing and I even tried on some new foods like escargot (frog), which was quite tasty. I saw a Moulin Rouge show and it was an exhilarating experience, such good food and great entertainment!

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So how do you get around in Paris? Well first things first, while it pays to have a physical map of the city on hand, if you don’t have maps.me (an app) downloaded on your smart phone please do so. The physical map was especially handy as I mostly rode the metro (subway) with it all the time. While it took me a few days to get adjusted, it was not too bad.

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For me, safety was the focus of my Paris trip so I recommend you pay a great deal of attention to your surroundings especially if you are traveling alone like me. Watch out for pick pockets or maybe you can just make do with small purse and if it gets cold, you can tuck your bag in your coat. This tip is important because if you get in contact with a thief, you wouldn’t even have a clue if something was taken from you right at that moment, trust me they are that good.

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Also, make sure you have a translator like Google translator (just download it from your app store). Overall for me, I had a swell time and I hope you do too if you go to Paris, maybe even better with your beau.