Jamaica! Jamaica!

Quick stop to Jamaica was something I will regret. So I'm not sure why I thought 3 days would be enough. I’m already looking for the next Jamaican restaurant near my place for some more rice and peas, jerk chicken and festival bread. Even though I was there a short period of time I have quite of bit information to share. First things first, one of my friends celebrated their big 3-0 in Runaway Bay and I refused to missed that celebration. Usually I don’t but this time I stayed at an all- inclusive resort called Luxury Bahia Principe.

The hotel was an hour from the airport. Some prices for rides to get to the hotel was quite expensive however you have plenty options. With that being said here are some tips and things to consider when traveling to Jamaica.

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·      Bargain for deals

If you only had a certain amount of money to spend on something , Speakup!

They will work with you such as a shuttle to your hotel if its not already included.  Average price to Runaway Bay from Montego Bay is about $20- 50 (roundtrip) per person. Don’t buy the first thing you see, shop around and I’m sure you will strike a deal

Mangoes and Sugar Cane!

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·      Don’t exchange money

They actually prefer American money. Most places you will encounter take American dollars and atms are close by.

·      Pay for activities at the location

Its cheaper and more sufficient to just take an outside taxi to your activities. 

Activities that I was able to do in 3 day time was pretty cool. Here are a couple of must-dos in Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay.



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I'm definitely returning back to Jamaica one day for at least a week. So please tell me your favorite places to go in the comment box below.

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