San Francisco

Even though I have been living in Los Angeles for the past 6 years, sadly to say I finally made a visit to San Francisco. Total different vibe is what I could appreciate about this city plus it is beautiful. I had a great adventurous two day visit. I didn't get to experience everything but I saw pretty much of what was on my must see list. The reason I decided to visit San Francisco was based on visiting the art gallery, The Color Factory. Once I finally received tickets to attend I decided it was the perfect opportunity to explore and enjoy the city. So here I made a list of things to do and see if you are planning to visit this amazing city soon. 

1. Lombard Street

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Alcatraz was not on my list to see or experience. Im personally not ever entered in visiting a prison. I do plan to visit San Francisco soon and I plan to return the same hotel, Hotel G. The room was so cute and the staff was beyond friendly.  what should I see on my next visit??

P.S. If you want some southern brunch cuisine, checkout Brendas Meat and Three

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