The Fake Vegetarian

Why am I so fake with my vegan status? Okay I admit it, I need help. Anytime I go out to dinner with friends or family, I totally flunk out of my vegan rules.  I am talking about holidays and vacations and this probably takes at least half of the year. Yes it is indeed a sad situation but what do I do?


I am from the dirty south and I love comfort food which includes a lot of meat and while we are on the subject of meat, I think that BACON is everything but let’s not dive into that topic before we spend the whole day thinking about it. I would really appreciate a guide to maintaining a vegetarian diet so that when I am not at home, I can cope.


You might be wondering why I chose to be a vegetarian in the first place. Well, for one, anytime I do not eat meat, I definitely see a difference in my body. I feel more energized, less bloated and I get a leaner look. The truth is that in my opinion, because of the fact that I travel so much, it might be quite hard to maintain this type of diet. I do know that it can be done by total commitment and determination but maybe the real question is do I really want to?

fake veg pic.jpg


So maybe all my whining are just an excuse, really, Who wouldn’t want some good ole fried chicken not “chick’n”? Okay enough! I will take it in baby steps. Maybe next year I will be ready to turn my head to all the not so good foods but right now if I crave it, be sure that I am eating it. Don’t judge me, I’m just simpli telling the truth as it is for now.