What would you do if you had $100 million in the bank?

100 million pic.jpg

Well, here is what I would do;

1.     I would give honor to God first by paying all my back taxes (tithes),  (I do not give my 10% like I should but do not judge me)

2.     I would not tell a soul

3.     I would give a large donation to the closest Chanel store.


Wait, did you really take number three seriously? I was just kidding. What I would do after paying my tithes and is to get an experienced financial advisor immediately because I want this money to last and investing smartly is a key factor whether I am putting the money into a great business venture and buying up numbers of valuable properties.


Next on my to-do list will be to keep traveling around the world more frequently and of course I would stay longer this time. I would quit my job but then I would volunteer my time, money and effort to help people in need. 


So over to you, what would you do with all that money?