Yes I am currently single but I do not take that as an excuse to be open to just about anything. I am selective about who I mingle with and yes it is safe to say that I am quite picky. If you are anything like me, I have created a list of qualities that I want my future beau to have. You can say an amen to them but please do let me know if you think I am being unrealistic with some of them. Grab a seat and your empty cup for this one because I'm about to pour you a lot of tea!

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Ø  Attractiveness

I am going to be unapologetic about this, I mean I am going to be looking at this man every day of my life so yes, he has to be attractive.

Ø  Well Roundedness

He must be skilled, capable or knowledgeable in a lot of different things; from the fine dinners to backyard boogie downs.

Ø  Faithfulness

I cannot deal with cheats, I just can’t so cheats move to the left.

 Ø  U.S Citizen

I am sorry but I do not want to have to start thinking there is any underlying motive for the relationship; be it citizenship of any kind of benefits so please he must be a U.S Citizen.

Ø  Loyalty

There is something about loyalty that captures even the most hardest of minds so loyalty must be part of his qualities.

Ø  Career Oriented

My man must not be a man that jumps from one job to another; he must be a well balanced man career wise.

Ø  God Fearing

You cannot lead a relationship without guidance so among his must-have qualities, this is a solid one.

Ø  Leader

A man must be in control of a relationship and he must be able to lead me in the relationship.

Ø  Stability

My man must be a stable person mentally and physically. This would help us achieve a state of balance in our relationship.

Good Credit

We all know this, you cannot buy a house with bad credit so yes he must have a good score credit.

Ø  Fashionable

No I do not want a drag, he must be trendy.

Ø  Open Mindedness And Patience

 Patience is a very much needed virtue in any relationship so my man must be a patient person. Also he must be able to look at things from other people’s perspective. He must not be too stubborn to see things differently and accept if he is wrong.

Ø  Fit And Healthy With No Diseases

I take fitness and health very seriously. I mean you cannot take care of somebody else if you do not take care of yourself. No STD'S please.

Ø  Desire For Kids

My man must want kids because I want kids so if he does not want kids, bye bye.

Ø  Family Oriented And Caring

My kind of man is a man that places family first.

Ø  Good Dental Hygiene

He must take his oral health serious, I mean at least brush daily. He must also have white and straight teeth.

Ø  Average To Tall Height

Yes I do not necessarily want the tallest guy but he must be at least from average.


Okay, I have officially put this into the universe!!!!!!


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