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It’s that time of the year again to make your vision board for the year 2018 and vow that this is the year to be a new you blah blah blah blah. Yeah (sigh). I’m not talking about you I’m referring to me. I get so excited to plan for the New Year and guess what at the end of the year half of the things I planned didn’t even happen. What a bummer. What’s that saying “ If you want to make GOD laugh tell him your plans”. With that being said for 2018, I’m just going to write out basic realistic goals that I have control of and the rest just go with the flow. For example, I’m really going to prioritize on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, mentally, physically and emotionally. I envision healthy long hair, lean body, strong nails, full brows, and all bank accounts with plenty savings. The question that I’m struggling with is how much to travel this year. I think this will be one topic that I’ll just go with the flow. No distractions this year and no unnecessary entertainment. So the first thing I’m going to do is get rid of my current vision board and start completely over. I’ve had the same board for 3 years and just change a couple of things here and there but obviously its time to let it go.

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This time no relationship STUFF on my board because that won’t be a priority. I'm planning to do my new board this week and I will be so excited to share what it will look like. I need you guys to be my accountability partner because we have to get it together this year!! So what will be your focus in 2018?