What is Boujee, Boojie or Bougie???

Well, I am pretty sure that you have heard the word and most likely used the word Boujee or Bougie before but let me tell you I literally hate the word! (but I do like the song Bad and Boujee). So let’s get back to the point, what I am trying to say is that the word Boujee does not sound like a good term to me. The word can either be used in a good way or in a way that is downright disgusting and what bothers me most about the word is that you cannot really determine when it is being used in a bad way or in a good way.


One thing I am sure of is that I do not like to be called this word because I know the real definition and it doesn’t describe who I am! Words that describe Boujee or Bougie ( same word different spelling) includes inauthentic, gentrified and so on. I mean seriously that is not nice at all and this is somewhat a sensitive topic for me because I get called this nasty word quite often even from my so called friends. I mean I don’t get it, so because I don’t follow everybody else and the things I desire are different what others want, I should be called a name other than Nikki? (A nasty name at that). Well I think being myself is what is best and you should be able to be around people who accept you for you. I believe that friends do not have to have the same lifestyle or even dress the same. I mean it is okay for us all to do the different things that we like.


So if you are part of the people who use the word Boujee, the next time you do that, think about how it could make them feel and how you are really using the word. So AGAIN ( emphasis on again) the next time you call someone Boujee think about how it could make them feel and how you are really using this word. I think if people are anything like me we would prefer the word FABULOUS.

boujee pic.jpg