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Are you a big fan of the HBO series Insecure? From the just concluded second season, something was said in episode eight which was the season finale that really struck me. Oh I know it’s possible you haven’t seen it so let me give you a brief synopsis. However bear in mind that my synopsis will be my own interpretation because I know that everybody understands things differently.

So here we go, one of the characters (Molly Carter) went to her usual therapy session as recommended by a close friend (Issa Dee) to help her sort out her relationship issues. While at therapy, Molly was using the words ‘should’ quite often when expressing her thoughts which the therapist caught on and called her out on it. While Molly was using this word, I really didn’t see anything to it because I use that same word frequently too. So what struck me was what the therapist said, “Don’t focus on the should and consider about the could”.

Boy did that strike me? I literally thought about what this therapist said for days after. Honestly, sometimes we all just get so caught up in what we think we should have and neglect what we have right in front of us. It got me thinking on how I should, sorry, NEED to change my mind set. Let us try to live in the moment and pay attention to great opportunities presented to us. Don't keep missing out on greatness by just comparing it to what you think it should look like.

Powerful right? I thought so too, that is why I decided to share it with you.