Trader Joes Coconut Body Butter

This is an item that I can’t go without.  It all begun a few years back when I had first moved to L.A.  I think I was little ashy that day, so I asked my friend for some lotion.


He said “try this”! And in that moment, I knew I had hit the Jackpot. As soon as I opened the jar of Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter I thought I heard the gates of heaven open. It literally transformed my skin. Now, my skin feels silky soft and is smooth to the touch.  What I love most about it is its fresh scent and its light consistency. This lotion is great for every skin type. I finally found something that gives me everything I want for my skin.


White Sunglasses

I bought these white sunglasses from Marshalls. And 3 years down the line, I can’t seem to shake them. Their brightness makes me stand out from the crowd, literally. They have a versatile look that can work for almost any occasion.

They can give me a defined classy look, and yet, an elegant and fancy look. Now I’m wondering if this should be my official look on a sunny day.



I can’t get enough of lashes! Lashes can work with or without make-up.  What I mean is, lashes give you that finish look after applying makeup. However, they still give a finish look without applying makeup. So this works great for those that simply do not have enough time for a full face makeup.


However, one question remains. Why not use mascara? Mascara won’t cut it if you have super short eyelashes. Mascara will only end up looking like uneven eyeliner. Fortunately or unfortunately, I fall under that category. My lashes are not only few, they are super short.


As a makeup enthusiast, I found a solution that works. A solution that works for millions of ladies: individual lashes!  I get individual lashes placed routinely every 2 weeks. On the other hand, if I’m off my schedule, I keep a stash of wisps from  

Naimies in the cabinet. My lashes give me that feminine look day in and day out. I must have them!


Fruity Pebbles

Who ate fruity pebbles as a kid? Not me, but not until I made my own little discovery. I learned to love it in ice cream and frozen yogurt. It gives just the right amount of sweetness and adds different flavors at the same time. What is more, it adds a little crunch too.

How did I make this discovery, you ask? My brother and sister were visiting, and I wanted ice cream. It was late and my friend suggested that I could go to

MILK that was just down the street. Milk is the name of the ice cream shop that was still open.

So I walk in and there it was fruity pebble ice cream! The best ice cream I’ve ever had. OMG. If you haven’t tried it already, it’s an experience you have to explore.



Am I the only one loving flamingo accessories right now? First of all, they all come in my favorite color, which is pink.

Flamingoes are already adorable in real life, how much more as accessories? I recently picked one up at a Safari Zoo in San Diego, and I’ve never regretted it.

It gives my house a more aesthetic look. Furthermore, it fits so perfectly in my home. What flamingo accessories do you have?