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Are we watching the same television show? If so we need to have a serious conversation! Yes, I’m talking about Black Mirror. This Netflix show is mind- boggling! So if you have seen this series take a seat so we can discuss these disturbing episodes. By the way, if you have not seen this series have a seat anyway so I can tell you why you need to watch this. There are 4 Seasons already and this show just debuted on Netflix in 2017. Don’t worry you don’t have to start with season 1 to understand the whole concept of the show. Each episode is completely different and does not link to each other so pick and choose which episode you want to dig into first. So just to get an idea what you are getting yourself into, it’s about technology and how it could possibly go in the future. Interesting right? What’s disturbing is the possible consequences these characters face from using advance technology. Here is a trailer of the latest Season 4.


What do you think about this show?