Why Pay Full Price??

gucci bag pic.jpg

It has been at least 5 years since I purchased an expensive bag.  I got a Gucci, for the low of course. I learned my lesson for paying full price for a designer bag, mentally. It felt good to walk in the Louis Vuitton store and pay for a purse with cash, when you are in the moment. It was my first year after college and working as a nurse I felt at the time I deserve to buy myself something nice, $2600 to be exact. Today, I think a little differently. Did I deserve it at the time, absolutely and still rocking my bag till this day. What’s bothering me is that why I did I pay full price when I didn’t have too. Its just so happen that the things I like are a bit pricey but that doesn’t mean a whole check should cost me for that one item. Geesh. I could care less buying what I want from the original store, I just want the item. So to say all of that I found the plug and I am going to share with you. Thank me later! Did I mention I got a Gucci lol. Thanks to Christie who has her own designer consignment business. She finds whatever you want and more for a lower price. Wait it gets better, she offers payment plan! I used the payment plan option because a little at a time does less damage than a lump some of money.  Anyway, you won’t catch me in the mall or on Rodeo drive buying bags, shoes, belts etc., it will come from Christies Closet Consignment. All the items she sells are 100% guaranteed authentic and proof provided when receiving your item. She is located in Houston but that’s not a factor because she will ship it directly to wherever you are. Congrats to you for buying something you always wanted without feeling guilty!