Don't beat me up I know I have been MIA for a quite some time but I'm back. I'm trying to balance my busy life. This simple word is quite complicated. Why? Let me explain. As you and I get older the amount of responsibility grows tremendously. Geesh! Being an adult is not easy and balance is the key to maintain everything that plays an aspect in our life. You might ask, what things do we need to balance? Well there are several such as work, family, friends, significant other, kids, socializing, bills I mean should I continue? It’s a bit much to handle. For me to balance everything I have going on I literally have to write everything down to keep up with it all. Most importantly we have to include ourselves in our daily challenges. What I’m trying to say is yes all these factors are vital in our life but you matter too. In amongst of prioritizing what is important make sure you include that biweekly nail spa or massage appointment or whatever you like to treat yourself. What I ‘m learning is that I can’t be there for others if I’m not taking care of myself. I use to be a yes man but the word Yes can put you in some stressful situations. Now, I quickly say no. No I can’t come, no I need to sleep, no I’m not flying there cause its not in my budget, no I can’t work an extra shift and simply no cause I just don’t feel like it. Sounds selfish huh. The way I look at things now let me be my greatest by allowing me to keep my personal things in order.  I said all this to say, prioritize yourself mentally, physically and spiritually before you balance everything else.  Can I get a AMEN!!!