When I say cycling is everything, you guys should believe me and wait; this is not my addiction to fitness talking because I am not the type of people who would have loved working out. Really, staying fit has been the hardest challenge I have ever faced in my adult life. So why do I choose cycling? Asides from its numerous benefits, I think a very good answer to that is that it is a very convenient workout for me. I mean after working long hours, I do not think I want to be on the treadmill. I feel very safe and comfortable cycling after work hours. 

I think

soul-cycle is inspirational, non-judgmental and a complete workout all in one.  So maybe you love bike riding, but inclement weather or traffic have been preventing you from enjoying your favorite activity. Perhaps you are searching for a more structured, classroom setting to help you stay motivated during your workouts іn order to build muscle and burn calories. Or possibly you are just looking to switch up your workout routine with something different. Whatever your reasons, you should consider the benefits of indoor cycling like; 

Muѕсlе Building

Building muscle strength and endurance is a big goal of any workout routine, and it is one of the top indoor cycling benefits. Cycling primarily targets the leg and gluteus muscled. As your indoor cycling workout simulates various outdoor terrains, you will rise and lower into the saddle of your bike. While seated, you will build the gluteus and hamstring muscles. As you rise to simulate climbing a hill in the standing position, you will build the quadriceps as well as the gluteus muscles. Your arms and core muscles will also be engaged to some extent as they help to keep you centered over your bike throughout these motions. The bones, tendons and ligaments surrounding these muscles will also be strengthened. 

Calories Burning

If you are hoping to shed a few pounds with your new workout routine, indoor cycling can definitely help you to burn some calories. According to Spinning.com, an hour of riding a stationary bike can burn an average of between 420 and 620 calories. While the exact amount of calories you will burn while riding a stationary bike depends on many factors , studies have shown that participating in an indoor cycling class tends to result in burning more calories. This puts burning calories on the list of top indoor cycling benefits. When you join a class, you’ll enjoy the benefit of an instructor, fellow classmates and great music to help you stay focused and motivated. 

Cаrdіоvаѕсulаr and Lоw-Imрасt Workout

You can expect a typical 45 to 60 minute indoor cycling class to be fairly intense, keeping your heart pumping the whole time. This makes it a great choice for a regular cardio workout routine – but be sure to bring a towel, because you will definitely work up a sweat. Riding a stationary bike is also low-impact, so it works well for those who may be recovering from orthopedic injuries, but are ready to get back to some form of workout. Since it doesn’t jar the hip, knee or ankle joints, indoor cycling is an excellent choice. 

So join me, feel happier! Whether you are an expert cycler or have never ridden a stationary bike, indoor cycling can be the perfect addition to your workout routine this spring. So make your way to the gym and try an indoor cycling class to reap the benefits!

Peace and Love, Nikki