I recently went to a pre- valentine day event located at Skyspace LA.  If you are visiting Los Angeles or currently a resident, this should be on your list for places to visit! I must admit I regret not taking as many pictures but my excuse is the time of day and I felt pictures at this time of day wouldn’t do justice for this place. It is located on the 70th floor in the US Bank Tower.

skyspace la pic 2.jpg

It is considered the tallest open air observation deck in California.  It gives you an all around view of the city Los Angeles. Pretty cool right!  The biggest attraction is the skyslide.

skyspace la pic 3.jpg

As a slider, I was not able to video going down the slide that takes you to the 69th balcony. However, watch this funny video below to see what you will experience! 

It is not scary and it ends pretty quickly! If I can do it anyone can. I'm the scariest person of them all. Ticket prices might look a little pricey, but there are always deals you can find!

skyspace la pic 1.jpg