Chic Babes in Business Breakfast

I was recently invited to a VIP breakfast at Nordstrom in the city of Baltimore. Wow, what an honor! As I walk around the room and mingle with other attendees I started to question myself, have I earned a seat at this kind of table?

chic brunch pic 7.jpg

Successful business women in entrepreneurship, careers and most of them carrying more than one title. What's even shocking is that I met the owner of a clothing boutique SugarPopped  that I purchase from regularly. The event was hosted by Le Chic Connection which is founded by Tamara Speaks. The speaker, Diandra Barnwell was giving us all the encouragement and inspiration on how to keep pressing forward for success!

chic brunch pic 3.jpg

I must say I'm not the biggest fan of attending events with panels of speakers but this was definitely refreshing and different. Why? She was beyond honest and quite relatable. As she spoke about her journey in her career, I kept thinking is she telling my story or is this just deja vu? Things that were mentioned by her was something I needed to hear and it lifted so much weight off my shoulders. By the end of this breakfast, I realized I deserved to have a seat at this table.

chic brunch pic 4.jpg

It's a great feeling to be around those who have similar values and be honest about the good and the bad that you experience in life through changes. I loved everything about this event and can't wait for the next one. I will be keeping an eye open for the next event by following Le Chic Connection on social media. Hope to see you there sitting next to me at the table drinking caviar cocktails!

chich brunch pic 10.jpg

Here is my favorite clip of Diandra in action!