Wining on the Safari

safari 7 pic.jpg

Who knew Malibu had so many wineries! Ok at least I didn’t know. If you looking for a great experience wine tasting with beautiful views and the cutest animals, Malibu Safari is for you.

To be honest it is a little pricey but it is worth the experience especially for birthdays, anniversaries, out of town visitors etc. I went for a special occasion and that was celebrating my mom visiting from Texas.

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I thought that was pretty cool so I thought this was the perfect activity for us to get into plus we both enjoy wine. She likes white and I love rosé and reds.

safari pic 3.jpg

We had a great time tasting the winery's finest wine and learning all the history about how it all came to life.

Did I mention that its family owned and they actually live on the property, how dope is that! Talk about family goals!!! In other words, you have to go visit this place soon for good wine and good vibes! What other wineries should I visit?

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Cheers to the good LIFE

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